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Manual massage is a type of mechanotherapy that is performed by the hands and acts on the skin and its receptors, the muscular and nervous system, and the blood and lymph circulation. It works mechanically and reflexively. In our office special attention is paid to the application of special methods of manual massage for various pathological conditions.


Medical massage of parts of the body or whole body.
TUI-NA massage with acupuncture acupressure.
Massage of joints and surrounding structures.
Sport massage
Reflexotherapy - feet and hands
Manual lymphatic drainage
Vibromassage - appliances
Anticellulite massage


How can sports massage help you?


It is a scientific fact that sports massage techniques, when applied regularly, as part of a training program, improve the faster cure of muscle and ligament damage in regular training and sports activities, increase the range of movements and the strength of the injured muscles.

After every strenuous training and competition, stiffness and fatigue in the muscles are felt as a result of biochemical processes in the muscles (accumulation of harmful substances) and minor injuries to the muscular and ligament structures. Sports injuries are also threatened by people who are 2-3 times a week engaged in recreational activities in some of the sports. With proper sports massage of the whole body we achieve the following effects:

  •     We detect sensitive and damaged areas and promote their healing
  •     We prevent scarring
  •     We increase circulation and perform superficial and deep lymphatic drainage
  •     We relieve pain, muscle tension and fatigue
  •     We restore muscle flexibility and elasticity
  •     We accelerate recovery after exercise
  •     We increase awareness of the body
  •     We work relaxing on the psyche and body.


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